Snow Sports

Snow Sports

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Jumps, moguls, and downhill on the black diamond or the bunny slope all have one common trait…… speed. With speed comes g force and that is where the S2 ski sensor comes in. Should you encounter a tree or the ground the S2 ski sensor will help you recognize a severe g force hit. Once lit the sensor will let you and everyone else know that medical attention should be sought. The S2 ski sensor features:

  • 100% Manufactured in the USA
  • Outer plastic made to withstand 300 G’s of force
  • Waterproof
  • Helmet template provided for each helmet tested.
  • Bright LED light is emitted when a high level impact occurs
  • Resettable device by depressing and holding the button for over 2 seconds
  • Maintains a small flashing green light to let the user know it is on
  • Has a proprietary 3M Dual Lock adhesive for adherence
  • The S2 takes 4 – 675 batteries


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Price: $99.99


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