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On the back roads of the United States or the mountains of the Tour de France, the main theme is to beat your best time. One slight maneuver can leave your riding partner or the peloton on top of you. With the S2 cycling sensor you can recognize a severe impact and seek medical attention. The cycling S2 features:

  • 100% Manufactured in the USA
  • Outer plastic made to withstand 300 G’s of force
  • Waterproof
  • Helmet template provided for each helmet tested.
  • Bright LED light is emitted when a high level impact occurs
  • Resettable device by depressing and holding the button for over 2 seconds
  • Maintains a small flashing green light to let the user know it is on
  • Has a proprietary 3M Dual Lock adhesive for adherence
  • The S2 takes 4 – 675 batteries

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Price: $99.99

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