Our Story

Each year, in the United States over 1,750,000 traumatic brain injuries are documented by medical professionals. Of these events nearly 75% are considered mild traumatic brain injuries, or a MTBI. A MTBI is commonly called a concussion. Many MTBI’s go undetected because the symptoms that present in patients can vary tremendously from one case to another. Studies have led medical professionals to believe that repeated trauma and mild brain injuries may lead to severe health consequences that are debilitating and often fatal. After extensive research, we discovered there was little information regarding the immediate and long-term effects of concussions. SENSUSS began by moving the trend from a reactive approach to a proactive strategy. We have developed a series of device solutions that give immediate information about the level of impact that an athlete has sustained. Our goal is to provide a technology that will facilitate the protection of all athletes.

At Sensuss, we believe in a protocol, not just a product. Our protocol consists of educating coaches, parents, and athletes on a way to detect the level of G-forces sustained in helmeted ports and other industries. We are creating a paradigm shift for medical research and in the treatment of head trauma.

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