Marketing Personnel

Vice President Product Marketing Management – Strategic Messaging

We are seeking a marketing executive skilled in driving the development and delivery of differentiated messaging architectures and campaigns for the Sensuss Organization. Marketing Management understands the Sensuss Customer, understands competitive landscape, and creates strategic marketing message strategies that drive the success. This is a great leadership opportunity to provide sound business direction for Sensuss success!

Roles and responsibilities of the AVP Product Marketing Management include but not limited to the following:

  • Build messaging and architecture, lay out roadmap for success
  • Develop the overall messaging/communication strategy and associated editorial approaches designed to increase awareness of the Sensuss brand. This includes the expression of value proposition, vision. Organically developed content; editorial, merchandising plans, overall conscious and strategic naming architectures.
  • Direct the activities of multiple functional areas including editorial and in-house development of multi-media assets
  • Lead Product Marketing Management – Strategic Messaging Team

Qualified candidate will be located in Maryland.

  • 10+ years marketing strategy; strategic planning, communications such as public relations, copy background or strategist in advertising
  • 5+ recent years leading messaging process and internal adoption strategies
  • Marketing strategy and planning – large brands
  • Technical product marketing experience
  • Experience working with senior leadership teams
  • Experience leading a successful team
  • Information gathering and discovery
  • Competitive survey/review
  • Identity statement and key message development
  • Business communication strategy
  • Editorial
  • Strong written/verbal communication skills
  • Innovative and curious leadership skills
  • BS business and/or marketing; or relevant years of experience


  • 15 or more years of relevant experience building messaging architecture for a large brand company
  • Leadership of functionally/geographically diverse teams
  • MBA

If you are interested please contact Sensuss at:

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